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Michigan State University Journalism Students Start Reporting for the Web

Posted by Shawn Smith on January 16, 2009

About 14 Michigan State University students will undergo an intensive five-week training course on reporting for the web.

As communcation methods have quickly evolved in recent years, it’s imperative students get a grasp of what audiences want and how to deliver content to them, instructor Shawn Smith says.

In the class, students will learn how to shoot and edit video, conduct audio interviews, take photos, write for the web, use promotional strategies for increasing traffic and other web skills. The class will culminate with a group project that incorporates all that they learned during the course.

“We’re really excited for this class,” co-teacher and TV newsman Bob Gould says. “The tools and skills we’re teaching in this course are going to help these students get jobs in an increasingly competitive job market.”


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