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Balloonatic: The Director’s Cut

Posted by Rodney Curtis on February 28, 2010

When a student mentioned her fear of balloons, an un-sympathetic professor had a field day.

The response was deafening. The requests were overwhelming. The viewers spoke and we listened. Now, here in its un-edited format, is Rodney’s original Balloonatic video. Thanks to a generous grant from the Geliophobia Foundation, the film is completely restored and re-mastered with painstaking, frame-by-frame care.

Here’s what critics are saying:

Wait, didn’t he just write about this on his blog at www.SpiritualWanderer.com?”

Yeah, you know, he did. What’s he trying to prove by scaring that Globophobic student again?

Let’s find him and kick his @$$


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Local vinyl music store thrives desipte digital age

Posted by Jayna Salk on February 5, 2010

While the music industry struggles to keep up with the instant gratification ideals that are present among many members of the information generation, one local music store is doing just fine.

The owners of Flat, Black and Circular say they have experienced some degree of slower business since companies like Napster took the world by storm. But overall, they’re happy with the number of students and community members who still understand the value of owning hard copies of music– the kind that you pay for, and the kind that isn’t stored on your iPod.

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College Fields Golf Course Keeps Prices Low for MSU Students

Posted by presleym on June 29, 2009

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Michigan budget cuts impact East Lansing

Posted by Steve Davy on June 26, 2009

by Steven Davy and Mike Presley

Big decisions

City HallLansing gets a lot of attention when it comes to the budget. Rightfully so, as the capital of Michigan the decisions made in Lansing are felt across the state including just three and a half miles down the road in East Lansing.

                                                                 Budget cuts announced

Police MotorcycleWednesday officials from the Michigan Municipal League called on state lawmakers to halt a proposed $162 million in cuts from state revenue sharing for the 2009-10 budget year. If approved, the cuts would reduce revenue sharing by approximately $733,000 for East Lansing and $2.2 million for Lansing.



              Translating the cuts

FiretruckFor East Lansing budget cuts could mean fewer fire and police officers on the streets. The cuts could also impact funding for parks, libraries and social programs.



In the video below, East Lansing City Manager Theodore Staton discusses what the cuts to the budget might mean for the city.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



Michigan State News Extra 

See more our conversation with City Manager Theodore Staton.


The recession hasn’t been as hard on East Lansing, but it still hurts.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


Tight budgets have a direct impact on emergency services.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


What gets cut? The choices are difficult.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Businesses argue East Lansing could have saved Green River Cafe.

Posted by nicorubello on June 18, 2009

East Lansing’s Green River Cafe, 211 M.A.C. Ave., shut its doors for the last time Saturday. But debate continues as neighboring businesses said the city could have done more to prevent the closing of another independent business.

Sal Mavruk, manager of Belle’s Pizza on M.A.C. Ave., said restrictive parking ordinances and other factors show the city doesn’t care about independent businesses. Increased competition between restaurants and MSU’s cafeterias is also a contributing factor in the high turnover rate of local businesses, he added.

Tim Dempsey of the city’s Department of Planning & Community Development says the city is doing plenty. The problem, he says, is most businesses aren’t taking advantage of its programs.

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East Lansing Summer Concert Series brings families, students downtown

Posted by Laura Leebove on June 17, 2009

Nearly every Friday and Saturday throughout the summer, the city of East Lansing hosts free concerts downtown. The 2009 series kicked off with performances by the Wanda Degen Celtic Trio on June 12 and Chris Dorman (and friends) on June 13.

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East Lansing Summer Concert Series opens with Wanda Degen Trio

Posted by Steve Davy on June 17, 2009

Wanda Degen Trio

While summer doesn’t officially begin until the soltice on June 21, East Lansing got a taste of things to come with the opening of the Summer Concert Series.

The free music series, which takes place Friday and Saturday evenings, open its 2009 summer season with local favorite Wanda Degen and her trio.

Wanda DegenDegen, an award-winning singer, autoharp and dulcimer player, has been a mainstay of Lansing’s music scene since her time as a student at Michigan State University in the 1970s. Degen is joined on flute and saxophone by Dan Giacobassi and also by Pete Wittig on guitar and harmonica.

Degen 2Degen plays a variety of styles including country and folk, but for the Summer Concert Series opener the audience was not only treated beautiful weather but also to the Celtic sounds of Ireland.


The East Lansing Summer Concert Series is at the Fountain Square on Fridays and at the Ann Street Plaza on Saturdays until August 22.


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Local Package

Posted by mccuneza on June 10, 2009

In this video we take a retrospective look at Morill Hall.

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East Lansing community, Michigan State University students respond to Peanut Corp. of America salmonella outbreak

Posted by Hannah Emmert on February 27, 2009

About the salmonella outbreak

In mid-January, following several months of speculation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the link between a salmonella outbreak and peanut butter manufactured by Peanut Corp. of America. Since the first reported cases in September of last year, the outbreak is confirmed to have sickened 666 and killed 9. In Michigan, 36 people have been infected–the fifth highest number in the United States. Although the numbers are declining, the outbreak is expected to continue as people unknowingly eat recalled products. 

“The large number of products and brands recalled already, and the large quantities of some products recalled, makes this one of the largest food recalls ever in the United States.” -U.S. Food and Drug Administration

View video on how the East Lansing community has dealt with the outbreak.

Peanut Corp. of America: potential criminal charges

Since the strain of salmonella was traced to a Georgia-based peanut processing plant owned by Peanut Corp. of America, more and more information about the company’s questionable business practices have come to light. Federal health officials recently announced that the plant knowingly shipped the salmonella-tainted products, prompting the FBI to conduct a criminal investigation with the FDA. The cleanliness of PCA’s plants has been under scrutiny; in a Texas facility health officials discovered dead rodents, excrement and bird feathers. The company has been hit with several civil lawsuits and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Feb. 13, meaning the company will likely fold. 

CNN.com reports the troubling conditions of PCA's Texas-based plant. The company has since filed for bankruptcy.

CNN.com reports the troubling conditions of PCA's Texas-based plant. The peanut-processing company has since filed for bankruptcy.

East Lansing is impacted by salmonella fears

With Michigan among the highest in numbers for salmonella cases, with at least one confirmed in Ingham County, this national crisis hits close to home for East Lansing residents. Local businesses were forced to remove peanut products from their inventory after the recall, including the MSU Dairy Store. Workers at the Dairy Store in the MSU Union said although the peanut butter used in their ice cream was not on the FDA’s recall list the university still pulled it as a precaution. As a result, several flavors, including the highly popular Buckeye Blitz, weren’t available during the recall.

A worker at the MSU Dairy store scoops some Buckeye Blitz, a popular ice cream flavor that was recalled after the initial salmonella outbreak. Click on the image to hear how students responded to the recalls.

A worker at the MSU Dairy store scoops some Buckeye Blitz, a popular ice cream flavor that was recalled after the initial salmonella outbreak. Click on the image to hear how students responded to the recalls.

Other areas around the MSU campus also took precautions. All peanut products were removed from cafeterias, vending machines and Sparty’s Convenience Stores, prompting many students to change their diets as peanut butter no longer became available. [Click here to listen to students describe how they’ve responded to the recalls]

Zoom in to this map of MSU’s campus to see the eateries affected by the salmonella outbreak.


What kinds of food are affected?

Peanut Corp. of America does not sell directly to consumers, but to other companies for use in their products. The FDA said PCA’s tainted peanut butter and peanut paste “are common ingredients in cookies, crackers, cereal, candy, ice cream, pet treats, and other foods.” [Click here for the FDA’s list of recalled products related to the salmonella outbreak]

King Nut and Parnell's pride peanut butters are among the extensive list of recalled products. Popular peanut butter brands like Jiff and Skippy are not affected by the salmonella outbreak.

King Nut and Parnell's Pride peanut butters are among the extensive list of recalled products. Popular peanut butter brands like Jiff and Skippy are not affected by the salmonella outbreak.

Salmonella Information

Salmonella is a bacteria infection that causes a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Fever
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Chills

These symptoms appear approximately eight to 72 hours after eating food contaminated with salmonella. The symptoms usually disappear with a week. Children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are the most likely to have severe infections. The UDSA provides useful information about what types of foods may contain salmonella, how to prevent it and what can be done to treat it. 

By Hannah Emmert, James Andersen, Cory Smith and Steve Kelm



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Economic Crisis Has Little Effect on MSU Surplus Store

Posted by Jamie Gnebba on February 13, 2009

By Jarquita Brooks, Jamie Gnebba, Sara Qamar and Jordan Travis

The MSU Surplus Store sells a wide variety of used items, ranging from office and dorm furniture to laboratory and farm equipment.

When university departments replace their furniture or equipment, anything that can still be salvaged will be sold at the surplus store. The money then goes back to the department.
Typically, resale businesses do better during economic downturns than regular retail. The surplus surplus store, however, has not seen a dramatic change. Employees say their sales have typically been consistent and they continue to see significant customer traffic.

One potential threat to the store is cuts to the university budget. With less money to spend, departments will be forced to make due with the equipment they have rather than replacing it. This would mean that less items would be coming in to the store.

Currently located on Harrison Ave., the surplus store will relocate to its new location on Auxiliary Rd. The new building is expected to be finished by the summer of 2009.


Click the picture below to hear from some MSU Surplus Store customers

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New Years resolutions and upcoming spring break plans inspire students to purchase gym memberships

Posted by Jamie Gnebba on February 6, 2009

With the recent passing of New Years and the imminent spring break plans, gyms are seeing a spike in memberships as students try to keep resolutions and work on their ‘beach bod.’

Powerhouse Gym, located on Hagadorn Rd. right off of the Michigan State University campus has seen the trend of eager students rushing in to get their last minute workouts in before heading off on vacation. Karri Hopps, manager of Powerhouse says almost 80% of the students who purchase memberships in that time do not return after the break.

“You can usually tell…It’s just their attitude, Hopps says. “They’ll say ‘Oh spring break is coming up,’ and we are like alright, we will never see them again.”

Along with spring break plans, students seeking to shed a few pounds as their New Years resolution also fail to be consistent. How long does Hopps see them stick around? One month.

“We give them until about the 14th. Then they just stop coming.”

Year after year, resolution after resolution, and beach after beach students continue to try to look their best. However, losing weight is not something that is easy and there’s definitely no ‘quick fix.’ Being able to be consistent and stick with a program will be most beneficial and is the best way to stay healthy.

And, according to Hopps, what is the key thing  people need in order to continue their workout routine? Self-motivation.

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