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Local vinyl music store thrives desipte digital age

Posted by Jayna Salk on February 5, 2010

While the music industry struggles to keep up with the instant gratification ideals that are present among many members of the information generation, one local music store is doing just fine.

The owners of Flat, Black and Circular say they have experienced some degree of slower business since companies like Napster took the world by storm. But overall, they’re happy with the number of students and community members who still understand the value of owning hard copies of music– the kind that you pay for, and the kind that isn’t stored on your iPod.


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Lanie Blackmer-Bio

Posted by laneblackmer on January 24, 2010

After two consecutive summers at camp MIPA, two MIPA day camps, three years of high school newspaper and two years of high school yearbook, it is only seems natural that I find myself here at MSU majoring in journalism.

I’m finishing out my junior year with an interest in convergence journalism, meaning I want to create videos for the internet while still being able to satisfy my addiction to writing. (Death of the newspaper, HA! More like birth of the multimedia newspaper!)

I’ve been writing for Spartanedge, an alternative media web site at MSU, for two years. This year, as the managing editor, my responsibilities include things like managing the twitter and Facebook accounts, editing articles, teaching staff how to do multimedia related reporting and helping editor-in-chief Alisha Green with any task. Check out my most recent article! Also, don’t forget to follow me on twitter.

In my life separate from school, I love tennis and running. I am actually running a 5k in Okemos February 7. Stevensville, Michigan is where I grew up. From living there my entire life, I will never be able to tolerate living anywhere that is void of some sort of shoreline.

The most prominent personality trait I have is passion driven determinism. My best friend of eight years constantly tells me that I get way more worked up about things than most people.

Other than that, enjoy me biography video, which is lacking creativity, but is moderately engaging!

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Jim Seguin

Posted by Jim Seguin on January 22, 2010

Jim Seguin is a senior in the School of Journalism at Michigan State University. After spending the first two years of his undergrad working towards a degree in criminal justice, he decided that he would rather be writing, shooting, and producing in the J-School.

Jim was born and raised outside of Detroit in Garden City, MI, where he graduated with honors from Garden City High School. He was offered and accepted an ROTC scholarship from the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps at Michigan State, and he contracted with the Army during his freshman year.

Jim is currently working and training to not only become a talented journalist, but also a skilled leader in the military. Upon graduation in December of 2010, Jim will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army where he hopes to work in the Signal Corps, which is the advanced telecommunications branch of the Army.

In the meantime, Jim enjoys broadcast journalism the most and looks to shoot in-depth, documentary-style stories. You can check out his channel on YouTube to follow the evolution of his stories as he gains more experience.

In addition to journalism, Jim enjoys photography, traveling, and religiously following MSU football and basketball. You can add him as a friend on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. He is hoping to land an internship with the Big Ten Network this summer, as he finishes working on his bachelor’s degree.

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