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MSU Helping Students Explore the World at Study Abroad Fair

Posted by Michelle Grossman on October 2, 2009

The 2009 MSU Study Abroad Fair gave students information about places they can study all around the world!


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Dive-In Movie at MSU: Watch a Movie and Swim!

Posted by Michelle Grossman on September 29, 2009


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Students in the Comm Arts Building

Posted by Michelle Grossman on September 25, 2009

Strolling around, chatting, actually doing work: These are just a few of the things students do in the lobby of the Communication Arts and Sciences Building at Michigan State University.

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MSU Students React to Planned City Center II Project

Posted by Michelle Grossman on September 21, 2009

Three MSU students  say what they really think about the City Center II Project!

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Mayo Hall Grand Reopening

Posted by Michelle Grossman on September 19, 2009

Mayo Hall had its Grand Re-opening September 17 after being closed since May 2008 for renovations.

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All About Michelle Grossman

Posted by Michelle Grossman on September 18, 2009

This is Michelle Grossman

Old Military Base
Old Military Base

You better watch out for her because she’s a full time journalism student and that’s a tough job!

I had candid chat with her whirlwind life.

“I’m a 20-year-old Journalism Senior, focusing mostly on broadcast journalism. I am originally from Toronto, Canada where I lived until I was 10. I know that Canada and the U.S. are mostly similiar culturally, but I still miss it. If I don’t move to Israel, I will probably move back to Toronto. Currently, I reside in Berkley, near Detroit. It can be a nice place, if you know where to go. I’m a big fan of LOOKING at abandoned buildings, so Detroit is quite nice. I don’t like to explore anymore after a bad experience in a Texan sugar factory where I thought I was going to be shot.

For the past seven months I lived in Tel Aviv, Israel. I took classes at Tel Aviv University on politics, art, and history, and in the summer I travelled around the country and did a small internship at an online radio station in Jerusalem. I liked the open lifestyle there. You can hang out in parks late at night, go to the beach and have a drink.  While I was there, I learned conversational Hebrew. I miss the fun of learning a new language and watching myself become better and better each day with the language. It was so gratifying when someone would ask me for directions–did I actually seem like a real Sabra (Israeli)?

I’m still trying to decide what exactly I will do after I graduate. I would like to one day live in Israel, though I’m trying to sort through the possibilities.  Maybe I’ll do grad school there.

I am grateful, however, to be back in Michigan with my family, friends, and MSU.

Here are my videos:

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