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MSU Administration Cracks Down On Tailgating and Profanity

Posted by Erica Treais on October 9, 2009


Spartan's share their thoughts about the recent banning of the MSU "Hockey Cheer" in this SoundSlide

MSU Alumni from the 1990s and earlier find a much different gameday atmosphere at their alma mater now than they did during their heydays.

In recent years, the Powers That Be at Michigan State have cracked down on alcohol-related activities at tailgates on football Saturdays.

Perhaps the most famous (or infamous) of all MSU tailgating locales, Munn Field, is now a tranquil, less chaotic shell of its former self.

Here are some tailgating tips from the university.

In addition to stricter tailgating codes, MSU revamped its Welcome Week in an effort to reduce alcohol-related crimes among minors. The traditional five-day model was scrapped in favor of a two-day one, drastically limiting the time for early partying.

MSU Fans Tailgating at the Tennis Courts

MSU Fans Tailgating at the Tennis Courts

Here is an interactive map featuring some of MSU’s most prominent tailgating locations.


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NHL 2010 – A Success at MSU

Posted by Erica Treais on October 8, 2009

A new version of EA Sports NHL 2010 was released Sept. 9, 2009. The game was created for both Playstation 3 and Xbox video game systems. The anticipated game of the year has upgraded considerably since NHL 2009. There is all new board play and new first-person fighting; a Stanley Cup option has allowed the game a more realistic feel.

When the game was set out, many fans of hockey and video games in general, rushed to their local Best Buy to make the purchase. On Michigan State’s campus many had to wait a week before stores were restocked. All in all the new game has become a success.

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Oakland County Parks & Recreation Soundslide

Posted by Erica Treais on September 25, 2009

work & molly 045

Oakland County Parks and Recreation travels around the Tri-County area with mobile recreation units (i.e. inflatable obstacle courses, a 25 foot rock climbing wall, puppet mobile, etc.) throughout the summer and early fall. Twenty college students living in the area work “visits” in which they take the mobile units around the county, setting them up, attending the unit and breaking them down.

This past weekend the Auburn Hills Firefighters were enjoy a family day in the park. The county obstacle course was sent out to their park, free of charge, for families and friends to enjoy.

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Michigan State Reaction To CMU Loss

Posted by Erica Treais on September 18, 2009

Michigan State University students and professors speak out the recent loss to the Central Michigan University football team.

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The Band Formerly Known As The Watermelons: Sharing Their Music With The World

Posted by Erica Treais on September 18, 2009

With a strum like Jack Johnson and lyrics like Pepper, two young men from Theta Chi Fraternity at Michigan State University have finally presented their music to the world. Joe Hagerty and Kevin Piepsney have been playing guitar together for three years. The boys keep their music “low key” by locking themselves in Kevin’s room (aka the studio) and preforming for select friends. Both juniors here at MSU, they spend their free time writing songs about love and singing Slightly Stoopid covers.

The boys first met during fall semester of 2007 and shared a common interest in acoustic guitar. Though Kevin spends more of his time singing and freestyling on the tracks, their “mellow mood” is one of a kind. Both men have unique style that holds the band together and they keep weekends lively by serenading women with their love songs.

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Erica’s Attempt at Sequences

Posted by Erica Treais on September 15, 2009

After attempting to film and edit multiple sequences I have concluded that still photography is a) less tedious b) less time consuming! Anyways…. this is what I captured while spending a typical lunch break by the Red Cedar River with Brandon.

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