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Additional Video 3 – Windemere principal retires with a splash

Posted by Cory Smith on June 30, 2009


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Additional Video 2 – Williamston Softball State Quarterfinals

Posted by Cory Smith on June 30, 2009

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Additional Video 1 – East Lansing Jazz Festival

Posted by Cory Smith on June 30, 2009

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Helmet safety becomes issue after death of man at Lansing skate park

Posted by Cory Smith on June 26, 2009

Ranney Skate Park, Lansing MI

Ranney Skate Park, Lansing MI

On Saturday, June 20, the local skating community lost one of its own.

Paul Maxim, 36 of Lansing, was skating at Ranney Skate Park off of Michigan Ave. when he collided with another skater while attempting to come down one of the larger ramps in the park.

Upon impact, Maxim landed head first on the concrete resulting in a fatal head injury. He was not wearing a helmet.

“It’s a real eye opener” said Seberiano Lopez of Charlotte, who brought his two sons to the skate park Tuesday for the first time. “Especially when you’re right here where it happened.”

Lopez’s two sons were not wearing helmets, but he insisted from now on his sons would wear helmets while skating.

“If everybody has to wear one, then no one is going to feel odd,” said Lopez. “That was his (Lopez’s son) deal coming out here and against my better judgement, I went along with it this one time.”

“I’m used to everyone wearing helmets out in Charlotte,” said Lopez’s son, Cody Sparks, age 15, who skated freely around the park without the aid of a helmet. “I didn’t know what it would be like out here. I just didn’t know the way people might act up here.”

When asked why he thinks it is that so many skaters don’t where a helmet, Sparks said skaters don’t want to look “wierd” or “funny.”

Maggie Kelly of Haslett performs a trick.

“I think after what happened they should regulate it here,” said Sparks. “Especially after what happened, because somebody died here and he wasn’t wearing a helmet.”

The Modern Skate and Surf skateboard shop, located in view of Ranney Skate Park, is a common hot spot for many skaters at the park and sells safety gear, including helmets, where employees are required to ask buyers if they have the necessary safety gear before they begin skating on their new equipment.

“We’ve always focused on safety and with our focus on safety we always keep wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, helmets, all of that equipment in stock at all times,” said Scott Lamb, Human Resources Director at Modern Skate and Surf. “You can’t put on protective gear and expect that it’s going to work effectively if it doesn’t fit properly. We actually fit them (customers) in the actual equipment itself and make sure that it fits properly.”

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Assignment 4 – Natural Sound: Grand River

Posted by Cory Smith on June 3, 2009

A Lansing spring (summer?) sunset on the banks of the Grand River at Moores Park, featured with the natural sounds of waterfalls, an evening choir of crickets and the artificial buzzing produced by the Board of Water and Light power plant…enjoy!

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Assignment 3 pt. 2 – Matched Action: Basketball

Posted by Cory Smith on June 3, 2009

A friendly yet aggressive game of basketball played by local teens at Lansing’s Moores Park. In this video I used 22 separate shots for three possessions of play to put together a minute-long video. If I learned anything by choosing to film a pick-up game of basketball with random teenagers in a park, it’s that you can’t get a shot to last for much more than two seconds before something that requires you to choose a new target to focus on happens, whether it be a pass, shot, or turnover…I found it very difficult to shoot this video, but the challenge was worth it.

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Assignment 1 – Traffic Stop

Posted by Cory Smith on May 20, 2009

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Moratorium NOW!

Posted by Cory Smith on February 6, 2009

As people arrived at the state capitol in Lansing to listen to Governor Granholm deliver her 7th State of the State Address Tuesday night, they were surprised to stumble upon a group of protesters who had no intention of listening to Granholm, but rather, asked Granholm to listen to them.

Protesters raise a banner in supporst of a 2-year moratorium against forecloures and evictions in front of the steps of the state capitol in Lansing, MI.

Protesters raise a banner in supporst of a 2-year moratorium against forecloures and evictions in front of the steps of the state capitol in Lansing, MI.

Members of the Moratorium Now! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures and Evictions gathered at the steps of the capitol building bringing with them banners, picket signs, and plenty of sound. At 6:00 p.m., just an hour before the Governor began her State of the State address, the coalition began their chants of “Stop foreclosures and evictions! Moratorium now!”

“]Listen as protester Jerry Goldberg explains why the coalition was out at the capitol protesting against the Governor.

The protesters focused on alerting those around the capitol of their message that the state government needs to take immediate action on senate bill 1306, a bill that would create a 2-year moratorium on mortgage foreclosures.

The coalition consists of activists, union and religious leaders, farmers, politicians, and Michigan citizens, many who have been foreclosed and evicted from their homes and farms themselves.

“We are out here today to have this demonstration because we are demanding that our governor, Governor Granholm, take account of the severe crisis facing poor working people, facing the young people who can’t get jobs in Michigan,” said Jerry Goldberg, a coalition organizer and progressive lawyer in Detroit.

“We have the highest unemployment in the country. Tens of thousands of people have been thrown out of their homes due to foreclosures because of the predatory actions of the banks.”

“]A protester sounds off on the microphone with a message to Governor Granholm and the Michigan Government.

“The governor has the authority to declare a state of economic emergency,” he said. “She could put a moratorium to halt all foreclosures, to halt evictions, to halt utility shutoffs, to give people a chance to survive during this period of devastation.”

District 70 State Representative, Mike Huckleberry, comments on Governor Granholm’s State of the State Address –

Step 1. Upload Video after spending an all nighter at the Library…CHECK!!!

Step 2. Post actual story, sound bites, and pictures……on the way…

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Cory Smith – That’s me in a “BAND-Shell”

Posted by Cory Smith on January 30, 2009

cory-smith-42While this isn’t the biography I wanted to post on the blog, it’s all I could do for now (something more impressive will hopefully be posted eventually). It’s not exactly a “roller-coaster” of a ride to sit through and watch, but if you would like to get to know a little about my background, I give you the next three minutes to sit back, relax and enjoy as I enthrall you on the details of my life!

To begin, my name is Cory Smith and I’m a senior journalism major at Michigan State University (MSU) in East Lansing, Michigan. I have been studying at MSU for almost five years now, in effort to earn a degree in journalism from the College of Communication and Arts.

Prior to my time here at MSU I lived in the town of Greenville, Michigan, where I graduated from high school and still visit to reunite with friends and family. My brother, Christian, is a junior in High School with aspirations to attend the University of Michigan. I also have a younger sister, Krystina, who is currently student teaching at a Muskegon high school while attending her fourth year of school at Grand Valley State University.

cory-smith-5While attending MSU over the past five years I have lived in the university dorms, nearby apartments and, currently, just a few miles outside of campus at Dovers Crossing apartments.

It was during my junior year that I finally switched my major from business to journalism, and gladly so. Prior to majoring in journalism, I was an engineering major, followed shortly after by business for a year. I have had a couple of internships varying from small time beat reporting with the Daily News in Greenville, Michigan, to corporate public relations with Consumers Energy in Jackson, Michigan. If I’ve learned anything from these experiences it’s that I know I’ve made the right choice in my decision to write for a living as I have enjoyed both my opportunities to write and report for the public.

As far as personal interest go, I spend much of my time every fall researching my fantasy football team, searching week after week for the perfect combination to bring home a league trophy. After five years, however, I have yet to bring home any hardware. Though fantasy football is just a hobby of mine, if I could place myself in any sort of “dream job” it would be to write for a professional football team, either as a beat writer, or better yet, a columnist.

cory-smith-6Another hobby of mine has consumed the better part of my time while at Michigan State. During my first four years at MSU I devoted the majority of my time as a member of the Spartan Marching Band, playing the trumpet every fall in front of tens of thousands of fans every home game. That experience has brought me across state borders to performances in professional stadiums such as Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, tot he Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida. The ultimate highlight of my “career” in the band, would have to be my Pagliacci solo played at mid-field in Spartan Stadium during the MSU-Northwestern game in 2007. If you think playing with 299 other band members in front of thousands of fans might be nerve-raking, try doing it when playing by yourself! During my time in the band I gained experiences and friendships that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. And though it was a trying and tiresome part of my life, and called for me to give up much of my free time over the four years, it was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of my life.

Since finishing my time in the band I have been taking the remaining courses necessary to complete my education and earn my degree here at MSU. When finished, I hope to put my degree in journalism to use, writing for any newspaper or on-line website that would like to aquire my services and skills as a professional journalist!

And if anyone would happen to like to stay in contact with me, or reach me for any other reason, here are a few links to a few of my online social networking pages.

–> Facebook

–> Twitter

–> Youtube

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YouTube Video Embedding

Posted by Cory Smith on January 29, 2009

I noticed that some people are having trouble with HTML coding and inserting their videos. I’ve created a little “FAQ” if you will, on how to properly insert your videos and how to make them show up in “wide-screen” and “high quality” as well.  If you need some help, hopefully this will work for you.

—> Embedding Instructions

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MLK Celebration – Students take to streets, march throughout frigid MSU campus

Posted by Cory Smith on January 28, 2009

Beaumont TowerTemperatures were below freezing and sidewalks were covered with ice and snow, but the elements of Mother Nature didn’t stop students and faculty at Michigan State University from commemorating Martin Luther King Day with a march around the tundra-like campus.

At 3:30 p.m. on Jan 19, 2009, about 150 MSU students, faculty and community residents gathered at the MSU Union building where they marched throughout the MSU campus, finishing at Beaumont Tower. The group marched in honor of the late Martin Luther King Jr., who’s memory was carried out today as certain selections of his speeches were read aloud once the crowd gathered at Beaumont tower.

I think that the combination of Martin Luther King’s words, the vision for the country and the Obama election, puts this day into a different perspective for this generation of students.”
Lou Anna K. Simon
President – Michigan State University

“Martin Luther King was a part of my high school and the issues of civil rights were a part of my college experience, so being a part of these marches has been something that I’ve done for a very long time,” said Michigan State President Lou Anna K. Simon. “I think you can talk about the work of Martin Luther King and as time passes for this generation that is so used to multimedia and YouTubes and everything else about their world, it is a person of history that they didn’t experience.”

Students began at the MSU Union and followed a path that carried them across the Kellogg St. Bridge, alongside the Red Cedar River and back across the river to finish at Beaumont Tower. Students carried banners and sang songs reflecting the freedoms Martin Luther King Jr. fought for.

The March was just one part of a commemorative celebration that also included jazz concerts that focused on spirituality and prayer, a commemorative celebration dinner at Akers Hall Dining Café and a student leadership conference.

“I think that the combination of Martin Luther King’s words, the vision for the country and the Obama election, puts this day into a different perspective for this generation of students,” said President Simon.

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