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Economic stimulus a light at the end of the tunnel for Michigan State University

Posted by Jane on February 27, 2009

The Economy’s Ripple Effect

On the banks of the Red Cedar, there’s a problem known to all: the economic recession. It’s continued to make news headlines throughout the country, taking different spins to bring relevance to its audience. But since Michigan State University caters to a diverse student-base, the audience is wide spread. Many staff and students have sincerely considered what recent economic events will mean for job opportunities, scholarships, and the future of academic departments.

President Obama’s recent efforts to jumpstart the economy, shows up in the stimulus package.  The bill, proposing $790 billion dollars to spark an economic turnaround, is being considered by Congress. $6 billion of those dollars will go to MSU will receive most of this money through research grants.

Research funds soon to come

Janet Rohler, who works for the Vice President Office of Research and Graduate studies, expects that faculty will see a difference in their research funding, because of the stimulus package.
“The agencies, as I understand it, are just now working on their plans for how to distribute that money”, she said. Although new proposals will be taken into consideration, the timeline for the stimulus is short, giving little time for new proposals to be patched together. “The agencies will fund proposals that they have already reviewed and rated highly, but didn’t have money to fund,” Rohler speculated. Many students find themselves being either helped or hurt through these efforts, some remaining puzzeled on how their tuition will be paid.

Student Reactions

The recent tuition freeze proposed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm in her State of the State address, leaves students with mixed feelings on how school payments will be paid in the future. This action, along with other cuts in the State budget, rests on receiving funds from the stimulus package, with hopes to draw more people to Michigan through multiple means.

FAFSA and Ford

Watch a Soundslides about GM scholarships and their effect on MSU students’ financial aid.

Val Meyers, the Associate Director in the Office of Financial Aid, finds that many more students are filing their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) than ever. The size of federal student loans have also decreased.

The Big Three automotive companies also effect MSU students, many of whom receive substantial scholarships through their parents employment. Sara Murawa, a mechanical engineering senior received $1,500 each year from General Motors, because of her father’s employment. As of January, all scholarships from GM have ceased, causing Murawa, and many like her to seek employment alongside her full time studies.

The continuous causality of America’s economic condition will likely be monitored by everyone. How it will pan out in the end, depends on both the choices of those in power and even the common spartan.

Click below to see a map showing all states that have or are considering a freeze of tuition…


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Friday 13th at Michigan State University

Posted by Jane on February 13, 2009


Watch a Soundslides about Friday 13th at Michigan State University. 

Very Superstitious

For those who haven’t glanced at the calendar today, a gentle reminder:  today is Friday the 13th. Not that the date holds significance for Michigan State University students and faculty.

“I have never had an experience where (superstitions) affected me, so I don’t feel I have any reason to believe in them,” said Nick Wagner, education senior.

Sadly, those who fear the day are in for a bad year:  along with today, both March and November have a 13th that happens to fall on the sixth day of the week (six being another commonly fretful number).

Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the condition you have if your fear of Friday the 13th is excessive according to David Emery, a writer on the subject of urban legends.  Though many cases won’t be found on MSU’s campus, but you may discover other unique superstitions.

The Crack that broke the Spartan’s Back

It is said that Mary Mayo Hall in the West Circle complex is haunted with a ghost, possibly of a girl who committed suicide there, or even Ms. Mayo herself. The hall is currently closed for renovation and will open sometime next school year according to MSU’s construction website. Perhaps the ghost will return then.

“I heard that the basement of Mary Mayo Hall was haunted,” said Sarah Little, international relations senior. “I think that things are a lot more coincidence than being caused by something else that doesn’t seem to have any scientific basis,” Little concluded.

A person does not reach Spartan status unless they are kissed in the Shadow of Beaumont tower. Or at least the saying goes. Some believe that if you kiss your significant other while the bells ring, you are destined to be married. 

 Watch Your Step

You won’t have to worry about cracks in the sidewalk,  open ladders, or umbrella in open places. But beware of the many black squirrels.

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A Little Different than Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Posted by Jane on February 12, 2009

     Watch a Soundslides on the Crazy in Love Valentine’s Day Poetry Workshop. 

     The College of Arts and Humanities recently hosted a love poem workshop in honor of Valentine’s Day. The event was open to community members as well as students. 

     Orchestrated by Anita Skeen, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, the workshop focused on writing love poems that vie from the norms. 

     Sweetie-licious Pie Company of Dewitt provided hoards of desserts.

     The college hosts numerous other events throughout the year.

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Michigan State University Film Location

Posted by Jane on February 6, 2009

     MSU is listed as a possible film location on the Michigan Film Office Web site.

     Several Michigan universities are mentioned. The University of Michigan was recently used in scenes of the upcoming film Youth in Revolt starring Michael Cera. 

     The 2009 movie Cherry was shot entirely  at Kalamazoo College, and the crew was lodged at Western Michigan University. 

     Michigan State was not considered for any films last year, but Film Office Assistant Director Michael Grabemeyer says he regularly sends photos of the campus to clients.

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MSU Campus Assaults

Posted by Jane on January 30, 2009

     Michigan State University students share how they feel about the recent crime reports on campus and how they’re reported.

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New MSU Invasive Species Prevention Method

Posted by Jane on January 30, 2009

MSU researchers discovered a new technique for eliminating a Great Lakes invasive species. Fisheries and Wildlife professor Weiming Li and doctoral student Nicholas Johnson led a team in the development of a synthetic pheromone to lure ovulating female sea lampreys into traps.
This method is expected to be less costly and environmentally harmful than the current techniques in place.

Their findings were recently published in the National Academy of Sciences, and Li received a patent for the team’s work.

Sea Lamprey Courtesy of Kurt Stepnitz

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