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The bigger, the better?

Posted by paigekim on February 21, 2010

Typical Asian eyes are not popular anymore in Korea. Koreans want to have big, round eyes like Americans. The most popular surgical procedure is to enhance the eyes, known as Double Eye Lid surgery. The surgery became popular when Koreans, especially women, realized that it is not expensive considering how much it changes their life style, and moreover, personality. Having big eyes is every Korean woman’s dream and it can happen with a simple $600 operation where a small incision is made above the eye to create an artificial double lid.
South Korea has the highest percentage of cosmetic surgeons out of anywhere else in the world. It is estimated that almost sixty percent of women between the ages of twenty and thirty years old have either done or are planning to do cosmetic surgery. Because of its popularity and cost, which is getting even cheaper, people from Southeast Asia, Japan, and China go to Korea just for the plastic surgery. One of the many reasons why Korean women get Double Eye Lid surgery is so they can look like western women. Nowadays, Korean women are very exposed to western fashion magazines, TV shows and movies more than ever before. They believe the western look is exotic and attractive so they try to imitate it by getting eye surgery and wearing American-brand clothing.

I interviewed MSU Koreans and asked their thoughts about the eye lid surgery (None of them have done the surgery… yet.) Anyways, I know every woman, including me myself, wants to look prettier and no one can deny that fact. I am not opposed to any cosmetic surgery but I just think women should feel more confident with their natural beauty. AND, KOREAN MEN! stop looking for girls who have perfect, big and round eyes. They should look their faces into the mirror seriously, right? Anyways, my point is that instead of going to surgeons and get an information about procedures, why don’t we thank to our parents for raising a real beauty?


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