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MSU students speak up on smoking ban in Michigan

Posted by paigekim on February 19, 2010

Michigan will be the 38th state to put out the flame on cigarette smoking in public establishments. Opinions are varied on the potential ban.

“Personally I don’t like to smoke,” said one bar patron.

When asked if the ban would affect business revenue, Buffalo Wild Wings East Lansing general manager, Aaron Jackson agreed that initially the ban would cause a slight decrease in sales, but eventually the ban would be insignificant. “It is not competitive, since all businesses have to abide by the ban, so we’re all going through the same thing, ” he said.

East Lansing residents offer differing opinions toward Michigan becoming the 38th state to ban smoking in work places.

On December 18, 2009, Gov. Granholm signed a smoking ban bill into law. The new law is called the Dr. Ron Davis Law, and it will be enacted on May 1, 2010. The Dr. Ron Davis Law will officially ban smoking throughout the state of Michigan joining 37 other states’ fight against smoking. Smoking will be banned in all public places which include workplaces, restaurants, and even the local watering hole.

“THE Team” best of everything: Jessica Griggs, Paige Kim, Portia Mckenzie, Mollie Rehner


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