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Students Struggle to Accept the New mail.msu.edu

Posted by Anthony Allen Pollreisz on January 30, 2009

Despite notable technical achievements and a better-organized, easier-to-navigate layout, Michigan State University’s troubled e-mail service, mail.msu.edu, is still not winning over many students.

Slow loading times, initial technical delays and a student-base committed to third-party e-mail applications and websites still causes unfavorability to linger within the minds of some on-campus e-mail users.

“I just really enjoy Hotmail better,” MSU freshman Lucas Gogliotti said, comparing Microsoft’s long-established and MSU’s newly-updated e-mail clients. “… I just feel more advanced on Hotmail, like I have the ‘one-up’ in e-mail as opposed to the people living in the Stone Age with mail.msu.edu.”

The university’s e-mail client received its first major upgrade in nearly six years, allowing for a new, streamlined visual look and an inbox size-expansion to 512 megabytes. But even with the university’s upgrades, mail.msu.edu still lags behind other commercial e-mail services like G-mail, which gives users over seven gigabytes of storage, an ability to forward MSU webmail messages to their G-mail account and near-constant stability.


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