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An Exclusive Inverview with Anthony Allen Pollreisz

Posted by Anthony Allen Pollreisz on January 30, 2009

Michigan State News was able to secure an exclusive interview Thursday evening with writer, videographer, journalist, sports fan, college student, omnivore and all-around good guy Anthony Allen Pollreisz.

Pollreisz, who grew up in Soldotna, Alaska, is currently a journalism junior at Michigan State University, attempting to further accentuate his solid broadcast skills.

“I really didn’t want to do this interview, but, since you’re here, you might as well sit down with your notebook and start scribbling your freehand,” Pollreisz said in a clearly agitated state. “Just don’t expect me to give you a hug afterward, or anything like that.”

Pollreisz is a low-scale media-marvel in Alaska, producing many local school music recital webcasts and lending his play-by-play skills for high school sports radio broadcasts on various stations throughout the state.

Pollreisz is also a sought-after sports public address announcer in Alaska, working the microphone for multiple local high schools, the 2006 Arctic Winter Games hockey tournament and the Peninsula Oilers of the Alaska Baseball League.

“I’ve always liked the whole ‘talk into the microphone’ thing,” Pollreisz said. “Frankly, I’m just happy others seem to like what I do and that I get paid doing something I find enjoyable.”

Away from the microphone, Pollreisz’s second love is college hockey, and can be often seen at Munn Ice Arena during MSU hockey games screaming incomprehensibly at things. Pollreisz also enjoys college football, a good piece of chicken, long walks in the cold in the middle of the night and sleeping.

“I don’t like wearing pants, though,” Pollreisz said. “I like the freedom I encounter while wearing shorts – and yes, I realize it’s ‘cold’ outside.”

Pollreisz will write and produce media for the upstart Michigan State News blog throughout February.

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2 Responses to “An Exclusive Inverview with Anthony Allen Pollreisz”

  1. James Andersen said

    Dude, your voice is amazing and I cannot wait to hear you doing a sports broadcast one day. Loved the video bio and your non-conventional approach and your voice carries the whole thing in an awesome way. keep up the good work.

  2. Nice Job Anthony. Headline is great and text really supports the video. You were able to tell a story and also let viewers know more about you. I would have liked to see more different images, which I saw you do near the end. Good overall package … and great voice :)

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